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Camouflage suits for the Armed Forces

Attached is a photo report on the delivered winter camouflage suits, one of the most important elements of the wardrobe in many military units. You can never have too many camouflage nets and costumes, there is always a need for them!
Also, a camouflage suit is an integral element of any sniper’s wardrobe.
This is because at other times of the year you can sometimes get away with just a well-chosen camo, and in winter the camo will stand out against a white background.
Special thanks to: our clients, as well as partners and friends – Serhii Yahudin, Serhii Kravchuk, Sebastian Schouten, Henrik Thuresson, Tellef D. Birkeland, Oddvar Skæveland!!!
We continue to bring Victory closer together!
Glory to Ukraine!

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