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Car for Ukrainian Army Forces

No matter how hard it is, but every day we get closer to the Victory. Our Victory!
Ukraine and Ukrainians want to live in their beautiful land! They want to create, enjoy, feel, learn and develop their Motherland!
Right now is the very time to act. The time for change and victory, the time to help the country, the time for our own discoveries and changes, the time to support business and the functioning of the country’s economy! This is a time when it is necessary to strengthen the army of the native country and make every effort to help refugees and people in need.
Since the first day of the war Agency “Goodwill” has been actively involved in supporting and equipping our army! So we organized the purchase and transportation of transport to the front for our soldiers! Namely, Nissan X-Trail with a 2.2-liter diesel engine was transferred to the needs of a mortar battery to perform a combat mission to repel armed aggression!
We are very grateful for help: Sebastian Schouten, Ildar Akhmetov, Nataliia Zarytska, Vasyl Zhyvotovskyi and Karolina Rud, Vasyl Zarzhytskyi, Bohdan Matviichuk, Marko and Olena Vatamaniuk, Tetiana Urazgildiieva and Ildar Urazghildiiev.
Your help is invaluable!
We accelerate the Victory every day!
Ukraine, my dear, you can!
Slava Ukraini! \ Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the Heroes!

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