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Between the work routine, we are moving in various ways and steps towards our Victory and the sooner disposal of the enemy in the fertile Ukrainian land.
And there is no force that would stop us in our development and our activities!
Friends, we are proud of our successes, because the next BANDEROMOBILE (car for army) is already successfully fulfilling its combat tasks in repelling the armed aggression of the enemy! Such cars are very important on the battlefield, because they can be used both in defensive and offensive actions. A mobile stove was added to the car to keep the boys warm.
Thanks: Sebastian Schouten, Henrik Thuresson, Jakob Thuresson, Oddvar Skæveland
Thanks to each of us, Ukraine lives and turns into an influential and bright country in the world.
And when the time comes, we unite for one goal.
Let’s protect, win and rebuild Ukraine together!

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