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EU Career Day in Zhytomyr

On May 15,  2020 the specialists of Agency GOODWILL took part in the EU Career Day 2020 initiated by Polissya National University in Zhytomyr. The event was aimed at the students, representatives of public organizations and business representatives, civil servants and active youth.

The first part of the event was presented by a discussion: “The impact of European integration on the system formation of professional development in today’s challenges.”

The second event part consisted of 4 trainings.

During the event guests learned about the world and Ukrainian trends in the labor market and about the impact of European integration on the expectations of employers. Participants got known how does Ukrainian business develop these areas and what are its requirements to young professionals. Participants learned about the policy priorities of the European Union (EU Green Deal, Industry 4.0, etc.) and the trends they create;  the EU network participants shared their success stories of how they use great opportunities getting an education in Europe and growing a business with EU support.

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