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International Research Online Conference “What is the Future of Agricooperatives?»

On June 10, 2021, specialists of Agency GOODWILL took part in the International Scientific and Practical Online Conference “What is the Future of Agricultural Cooperatives? (Cooperative readings: 2021) “, which was held under the auspices of prof. V. Zinovchuk at Polissya National University (Zhytomyr, Ukraine). This event was alternate in a series of “Cooperative Readings” that has its own success story and a cohort of authoritative scholars from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and other countries.

The participants of the event got acquainted with the results of scientific research and exchanged views on solving current problems of agricultural cooperation as one of the key vectors of agricultural policy in Ukraine.

The discussion touched the following issues: capitalization of cooperative structures of Ukraine and the EU, strengthening their environmental mission; identification of the place of cooperatives in the model of inclusive rural economy development; formation of public management of cooperatives; implementation of cooperative marketing mechanisms in agribusiness; introduction of the concept of socially oriented “green economy” as an indispensable component of rural development; transformation of the cooperative format of cooperation of commodity producers in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and others.

The discussion focused on the need to recognize agricultural cooperation as an economically feasible and socially justified form of attracting domestic producers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to civilized market relations, the ability to effectively run their farms and be equal participants in competitive markets.

The development of cooperatives is supported by the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, the International Cooperative Alliance, and other authoritative international structures. The development of agricultural cooperatives fully corresponds to the European integration intentions of our state and the entry of domestic agribusiness into the world economic space.

As a result of the work of the scientific and professional community, a Resolution was approved (text added in Ukrainian), the main provisions of which reflect the imperatives for the development of the domestic cooperative movement. The resolution will be sent to the Government of Ukraine, leading scientific and educational institutions.

Resolution 2021

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