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Support of Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defence Forces

Agency GOODWILL in cooperation with our partners bought modern infra-red cameras, accumulators, tourniquets, hemostatic agents, mobile modems, sleeping bags, karrimats, flashlights and many other things for Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defence Forces. Our aim is to make Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defence Forces stronger and hasten victory.

From bottom of our hearts we are grateful to our partners and friends for help in buying and delivery of the above stated items: Henrik Thuresson, Gurine og Kurt Ove Seland, John Gaute Lunden, Adam Kotas, Pawel Krajewski, Bjørn Foss, Ruslan Sierov, Mariia Bielaia, Bohdan Matviichuk, Petro Hrynchuk, Sergii Kovalchuk, Anatolii Turovskyi, Valeriia Kharchenko, Oleksandr Vasylevskyi and others.

Ukraine is a country of strong and brave men, loyal and strong-spirited women, where the flag is of two colours: blue sky and yellow sun. We believe, that together we will bring Ukraine to the victory in this terrible war. No one will ever be able to break us!

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