Practice for students

  • Branches: crop production (floriculture, vegetable growing, horticulture), animal husbandry (livestock, pig breeding, horse breeding), landscape construction
  • Period of work: 12 months
  • Amount of working hours: from 170 hours per month
  • Salary: the first 6 months – about 1,500 euro per month, the next 6 months – about 1,800 euro per month
  • Tax: about 15%
  • Vacation pay: about 14.5%
  • Age 18-30 years
  • The status of a student of an agricultural educational institution in the profile specialty
  • Proficiency in English at the basic level: A2 (KET), or 3.0 (IELTS)
практика студентів за кордоном
робота за кордоном
Офіційна робота за кордоном
Практика для студентів
Оплачувана практика для студентів за кордоном

Scheme of cooperation with clients

We receive a completed questionnaire from you and provide you with the detailed information on available vacancies that meet your wishes, experience and education.
We agree your candidacy with the employer.
We conclude an agreement with you and prepare a complete package of documents for obtaining a visa and / or a decision of the Employment Service.
We control the processing of documents in the immigration authorities and facilitate obtaining a visa and / or decision of the Employment Service.
We organize your arrival at the employer and stay in touch during the whole period of practice/work.