EU Erasmus+ Jean Monet project “EU Agrarian Policy” module

EU Erasmus+ Jean Monet project “EU Agrarian Policy” module

From September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2019, the European Union Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project “EU Agrarian Policy” No. 574608-EPP-1-2016-1-UA-EPPJMO was implemented on the basis of the Zhytomyr National Agroecological University (ZhNAEU) – MODULES.

The main goal of the project: “EU Agrarian Policy” is to obtain, assimilate and disseminate knowledge and information among students and teachers about the evolutionary principles, current state and prospects for the development of the EU’s Common Agrarian Policy.

The project activities were carried out by teachers of the Faculty of Economics and Management of ZhNAEU – Professor Tetyana Zinchuk (project manager), Associate Professor Larisa Levkivska (academic coordinator of the project, deputy director of the GOODWILL Agency), Associate Professor Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Associate Professor Nataliya Kutsmus, Associate Professor Vasyl Shukalovych. The guarantor of the project was the rector of the university – Oleg Skidan.

According to the terms of the project, a number of new educational courses were introduced into the educational process, namely: EU: from the origins to the Europe 2020 strategy; SAP EU: experience and modern model; EU rural development policy; Agribusiness of the European Union; EU ecological agriculture and food quality and safety standards.

The main target audience was both students and post-graduate students and doctoral students of the university in the following specialties: ecology, forestry, veterinary medicine, agricultural engineering, agronomy, finance, accounting and auditing, economics, management, entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity, international economic relations. More than 100 trainees mastered this module and received relevant certificates. The advantage of the educational module was the process of introducing the disciplines of the same name into the university curricula, which was approved and supported by the university management.

The result of the implementation of the project was also the preparation and publication of scientific publications, articles, collective monographs, methodological recommendations and their distribution among educational institutions of Ukraine, all interested readers, and civil society. The participants of the project organized and held a round table on the topic: “Experience of the common agrarian policy of the European Union for Ukraine” and the international scientific and practical conference “European lessons of agrarian policy for Ukraine” (May 2019) with the involvement of leading experts in the field of agriculture, managers agricultural enterprises, representatives of united territorial communities, scientists, students, scientists of leading domestic scientific institutions. The monograph “Agrarian policy of the European Union: challenges and prospects” edited by the project manager and the main authors – project participants is extremely popular and in demand in Ukraine.

The results of the implementation of the project are as follows:

  • provision of professional training in the field of organization and management of modern agrarian business on the innovative principles of EU agrarian policy;
  • expansion of theoretical and methodological competences on issues of formation and development of European agrarian policy;
  • mastering the tools of agrarian policy and the mechanism of their practical implementation;
  • monitoring of priorities and prospects for reforming the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU until 2030;
  • disseminating information about the basic principles of rural development policy as the most important component of the EU SAP among the rural population and local communities;
  • promotion of greening of agriculture based on the standards and norms of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.