The goal is to promote employment through the formation of entrepreneurial skills in the population, as well as to improve the skills of civil servants and officials of local governments in the field of local economic development, implementation of information and educational campaigns on human rights, combating various forms of discrimination, opportunities for local democracy, etc.


  • Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU: organizational and legal framework, challenges and opportunities;
  • Management of local economic development projects;
  • Investments as a tool of local economic development;
  • Mechanisms for financing local economic development;
  • Marketing of the territory as a tool of local economic development;
  • Development of labor resources as a necessary element of local economic development;
  • Rural development and agribusiness (cooperation as a tool of rural development, development of non-agricultural entrepreneurship, environmental aspects of rural development, rural green tourism)

Activities of Agency GOODWILL to improve the skills of civil servants are implemented in consortium with the Ukrainian School of Government and the Center for Retraining and Advanced Training of Public Authorities, Local Governments, State Enterprises, Institutions and Organizations of the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration and Zhytomyr Regional Council.

Activities related to information and educational campaigns for the population are carried out within the framework of projects aimed at the development of united territorial communities.